Making the Most of your Wedding Budget || Annesdale Real Weddings

Congratulations on your recent engagement! You are probably over the moon with excitement and cannot wait to hit the ground running with planning your most special day. Before you get too deep into planning, it's time to face reality and figure out the budget for your wedding day. This is by far the least fun part of wedding planning, but don't fear because we are here to help! We have some helpful tips to help you get past this part of planning and get back to the fun and excitement! 

Photo by  The Kenneys . 

Photo by The Kenneys

1. Come up with a realistic number. 

It's 2018 and everyone has a budget for their wedding day. It's just a reality. Talk to whomever may be contributing financially to your wedding fund and figure out how much they are willing to spend. Having that number ahead of time will help you when you are meeting with vendors and getting ideas. You will probably be surprised by how much your Pinterest wedding dreams will cost, so going into planning with a number in mind will help you stay in line and cut if necessary. 

2. Refine your guest list. 

The more people you invite, the more money you will spend. That's probably not any earth-shattering news to you. If you are needing to cut your budget, the easiest place to start is with your guest list. Have you talked to that person in the last year? You don't have to invite them. Is it someone you'd have to introduce your new spouse to at the wedding? Maybe they don't get an invite. Another thing to keep in mind is that not everyone should get a "plus one", or a date. If they are not in your bridal party and have not been in a serious relationship for over a year, they do not have to be given a plus one. Cutting back on your guest list helps reduce the cost of food, alcohol, and the number of tables/centerpieces/linens. 

3. Figure out what is most important to you and your fiance. 

Whatever is the most important to you is where you will want to spend the most money. If you are a foodie and want an exquisite 5-star meal for your guests, then set aside a big chunk of your budget for catering. If you want to have spectacular images to take with you after the big day, you might want to look at the bigger budget photographers. Remember that it is your day, and you want to spend money on what best reflects you and your new spouse's personalities. 

4. Remember that there ARE ways to save money. 

No matter what your vision is starting out, the only person who knows that is you. If you have to cut a couple of floral arrangements to save a little money or go with the sausage and cheese skewers instead of the bacon wrapped shrimp, your guests will have no idea what your original vision was. They will leave your wedding thinking it was absolutely beautiful. The best thing to keep in mind is that your wedding day should reflect YOU! When you are choosing your expert vendor team, be honest with them about your budget and they will help make sure you have an amazing day that suits your personality AND fits your checkbook.