1325 Lamar Avenue
1325 Lamar Avenue Annesdale Snowden Historic District
Memphis, TN 38104
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Where Romance and History Meet

There are places that breathe romance from the moment you enter them and Annesdale Mansion is one of those places. 

Given as a wedding present, Annesdale is filled with small details that add a touch of romance everywhere you look. The villa's tall windows, columned porticos, gilded mirrors and crystal lighting create one of the most unique settings available in the Memphis area for bridal and wedding photography.  

Annesdale is, simply, the perfect setting for your indoor wedding ceremony.


 - 14-foot ceilings, many handpainted 

- Stunning crystal chandeliers

- Luxurious oak floors

- Antique furniture and decor

- A dramatic spiral staircase in the center of the floor plan

"Annesdale Mansion epitomizes vintage southern elegance and charm and made our day beautifully unique in so many ways."
— Vickie Moffett Cruzen —